2019 has been a truly awesome year for Paver Solutions! So much has changed, so much has happened that it’s almost hard to put into words. We’re gunna give it our best shot though, because we feel that it’s incredibly important for you, our customers and supporters, to know just what you’ve helped us achieve this year! We couldn’t have grown into the company we are today without you!

1. Lighting: We added lighting to our service offerings in 2019. We now offer landscape lighting of all sorts for your patios, driveways, pool decks, and more. Adding lighting was a no-brainer for us, as it goes hand in hand with paver design and installation. Customers rave about how new lights add a “wow factor” to their new outdoor space. They also love how having the lights installed at the same time as the pavers saves them a big chunk of money. That’s all the confirmation we need.  Implementing lighting was a very good thing!

2. In- House Installation Crews: This year we did away with outside crews and created some of our own. Hiring subcontractors had been our method for years but we found that having a crew of our own workers meant bigger and better things for Paver Solutions. With our own crew of men, we could guarantee better quality control, better after-job cleanup, and better communications with the customer. It’s been such a rewarding change.

3. Bobcats: We purchased new Bobcats for our crew in 2019. It was an investment into the business that has paid for itself in so many ways. Renting equipment from someone else meant that we never knew what state the machine was in, which can delay work. Owning our own Bobcats has enabled us to do more in less time, which means less disruption for the customer. Not to mention, it gave us the freedom to do jobs when they worked for the customer and for us, without having to wait around for when the machinery was available. We found that investing in technology and machinery was necessary to ensure that we get the job done right, and most efficiently.

4. Dustless Saws: We invested in our company and in our health by converting to dustless saws this year. Concrete saws created a huge and unfortunate mess for our customers, and we hated leaving job sites with no way to remove that nasty by-product of our work. Not only that, we were made aware that prolonged exposure to the silica dust found in pavers is hazardous to your health. Dustless saws are a HUGE step in the right direction for us. They are OSHA compliant and keep the job site much cleaner than traditional concrete saws. Also, seeing the client’s smiles when the job is done, when they realize they don’t have to clean a single thing in order to enjoy their new space….it’s priceless.

5. Director of Operations: Paver Solutions has grown so much this year, and that’s a good thing, but it means that we needed stretch to grow with it. As the company got bigger, we realized we needed a director of operations to help carry the load. We found the perfect man for the job in Bernard. He has years of experience in pavers and general construction, and has truly been a god send to our company. He directs our in-house crews to ensure that our quality standards are met with every single project. He’s such a valuable member of our team.

2019 has been fantastic in so many ways, but we are eager and READY for 2020!