Summer is here! That means long days, roasting hotdogs, making smores, and pool parties! Despite the heat in Florida, summer is the time to be outside well into the night. And what a better way to make those nights memorable than with an outdoor firepit for the family to enjoy? Don’t believe me? Here are 3 reasons why you need a firepit for your home:

  1. Firepits are crowd pleasers. Firepits provide the perfect excuse to host an evening get together. They create an engaging focal point in your yard for friends to gather around. They invoke memories of youth and childhood fun. And they are just plain fun to look at, as a flames dance and the wood crackles.


  1. Firepits can work in both small and large spaces. A firepit is suitable for a small urban yard in the same way it is suitable for a large, sprawling outdoor space. That’s because firepits are versatile and customizable to suit your spacing needs. They are just as aesthetically pleasing on a small paver patio surrounded by a few lawn chairs as they are on a lush plot of land surrounded by cozy benches.


  1. A Firepit is an outdoor feature you can use YEAR ROUND. Despite what you might think initially, firepits aren’t only for the winter. They are a great source of heat on a cold day, of course, but they are also fantastic for a clam bake on a breezy summer night. They are an amazing source of light all throughout the year. You can enjoy that soft flickering glow whether you are wrapped in a blanket in January or lounging in your bathing suit in August. The best thing about firepits is that they’re great all the time, no matter the season!