Most people don’t have disaster areas in their homes. Most people have spaces that just need a little TLC, a little oomph. Such was the case for our customer Diane L. She had a perfectly “fine” pool deck in her Largo home, but “fine” wasn’t good enough. She wanted exquisite. She wanted to make her backyard, not just a pool deck, but a complete outdoor living space. She envisioned a backyard oasis that was perfectly suited for entertaining house guests, while also being perfect for quiet moments of relaxation.


She contacted us to help make her vision a reality and we went straight to work. Diane chose Flagstone Pavers’ Heritage-style pavers for the project and had them cover the pool deck as well the patio and garden areas. She went with the beautifully diverse “Willow” paver color that showcased a variety of grey tones, a lovely contrast to her signature blue patio walls. She completed the aesthetic with some crème colored coping (border) to set the pool apart from the rest of the patio.


Diane had the foresight to know that sealed pavers look better for longer. So, she had her brand-new pavers clean and sealed right after installation. This will protect her patio area from grime, stains, and dirt in the future and it will enable her to enjoy her brand new space for a long, long time. So grateful to have made Diane so happy, it was our privilege to take her pool deck from “fine” to AWESOME.