We at Paver Solutions have the BEST customers. They hire us to create beautiful spaces at their homes, and we happily oblige. We are always proud of the work we do, but sometimes a space blows us away with the magnitude of its transformation, or with the sheer beauty of the paver choices made by our customers. Those spaces deserve to be seen…they deserve an extra spotlight!

This week we’d like to shine light on a paver installation project we completed at the Randall residence in Clearwater, FL. The space that the Randall’s asked us to work with was an utter mess, nothing but sand, rocks, and roots. There was an inadequate concrete patio in the backyard, attached to a grassless plot of land, that was too small to really use. The backyard was basically useless as an entertaining space, and pavers were essential in making the space fully functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.


The Randall’s chose  4”x8” clay brick pavers laid in a 45 degree herringbone pattern with a soldier course border. They went with clay pavers because of their signature color and rustic feel. Even though they are more expensive than concrete pavers, the Randall’s loved the timeless look of clay, plus the fact that they’re virtually maintenance free and only look better with age. Also, because clay brick is the hardest paving surface there is, the Randall’s will be enjoying their new patio for a very, very long time!


This particular project is EXTRA lovely, in our opinion, because  our customer just so happens to be a designer. Mrs. Randall used her talents to really bring the space to life!  Her patio is a great example of how incorporating the right elements can turn an eyesore into your favorite area of your home. Now it’s  not just a pretty paver patio, it’s an outdoor living space where people gather to have a great time and create memories for years to come.