When you’re installing a driveway, there’s a lot to consider besides price. You need to think about the amount and cost of maintenance, its curb appeal, adding additional features, and drainage.

Though there are pros and cons to all driveway surface materials, driveway pavers are your best bet when you look at all the features they provide. Read on for five reasons why driveway pavers are the ideal choice for your home. 

1. Driveway Pavers Are Slip Resistant

Driveway pavers are the best driveway material for preventing slippery surfaces.

When concrete driveways get wet, they become slippery. When the temperature dips, a concrete driveway can become a dangerous sheet of ice that is an accident waiting to happen.

In fact, most ice-related accidents are due to slips on icy surfaces, such as driveways and walkways. 

A driveway with pavers, on the other hand, is inherently slip-resistant due to its textured surface. Pavers create a driveway that is safe to walk on, even when wet. 

2. Driveway Pavers Are Stain Resistant

One of the most common complaints of concrete driveways is how easily they become stained from the leaking oil and fluids from a car.

Once a concrete driveway is stained, the entire surface needs to be repaired to hide the stains. There are a wide variety of DIY stain removal methods for concrete driveways. Most involve a lot of work, and they may or may not give you good results. 

Brick pavers are less likely to stain than concrete. Plus, if a small section does absorb a stain, you can just remove those few pavers and replace them with new ones. There is no need to treat or repair the entire driveway. 

3. Driveway Pavers Are a Permeable Surface

When it rains on concrete driveways, the water runs off down the drive into the storm drains.

A driveway with pavers is permeable to rain. That means that rain seeps through the paver joints and trickles down into the soil under the driveway.

This reduces the chance that ice can form on your driveway. It also lowers the risk of flooding as less water is rushing into the city storm drains.

4. Low Maintenance

With proper installation, driveway pavers are resistant to weeds. You don’t even need to add sand between the joints as part of regular maintenance thanks to the new sand stabilizer compounds.

Unilock pavers are resistant to de-icing salts that can damage concrete and natural stone driveways. Your low-maintenance paver driveway will look good year after year without any effort on your part. Check out our gallery for a sample of your options. 

5. Extend Your Driveway Easily

Pavers are the best driveway material because you can create a harmonious look to your exterior space easily.

You can use pavers to add steps, columns, planter boxes, and garden walls that match the look of your driveway.

The front of your home will look elegant and flow from one section to another when you choose to use pavers. You don’t have that option if you have a concrete driveway.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for reading these five reasons why driveway pavers are the best choice for your home. From aesthetic reasons to the ease of upkeep, pavers offer both style and functionality. 

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