People install brick driveway pavers for a variety of reasons. The most obvious reason is the aesthetic quality. Driveways paved with bricks are simply more beautiful than concrete driveways; they communicate a sort of rustic charm while better defining your space. In addition to establishing a more deliberate sense of quality and pride, brick pavers are far more durable and longer lasting than concrete or asphalt. Also, brick pavers have a few advantages over the other types of driveway materials. Some of these include safety, installation, color and flexibility.


One benefit of pavers is safety. The high number of joints in the surface facilitate the drainage of water.  Brick pavers are skid and slip resistant because of their abrasive and textured surface. Brick pavers are also great to use near the almost always wet areas of swimming pools.


The installation process is quick and easy. Pavers do not require time to cure. Unlike concrete, which can take 3-5 days before being ready for traffic, brick pavers can be used immediately after installation.  Also, brick pavers can be installed in most weather conditions, unlike other materials.


The reality is that the inevitable cracking of concrete leads to a long-term cost that’s far greater than installing brick pavers, without providing any of the benefits brick pavers offer. If any of your pavers ever become stained of damaged, it will be easy to fix them. It is quick to remove the damaged bricks and replace them with new ones. Their replacement and maintenance cost is much lower than other materials, especially asphalt and concrete.


Another benefit of a driveway made of brick pavers is their color. Some materials will fade dramatically over time and need to be replaced. Brick pavers naturally retain their colors more so than other materials. Proper and timely cleaning and sealing also helps protect the pavers and enhance the colors.


Brick pavers provide flexibility. They will remain in place better than other materials such as poured concrete. This is because brick pavers are capable of conforming to any movement in the underlying soil. This prevents the pavers from unlocking from each other or cracking.

Thank you and your team for the beautiful driveway (pavers) that you installed at our home. Many walkers have stopped and said we have the best looking paver driveway on our street.

Ed and Lynn Montambault – North Redington Beach, FL