Are you redoing or building your patio?

If you said yes, pavers are the way to go. Much simpler and longer-lasting than a concrete pour, pavers create a unique and customizable patio for your home.

But there are some ins and outs to the right pavers for your patio. Read on to learn how to choose the best patio pavers for your patio project.

Paver Prices

What’s your patio budget? Are you installing it yourself?

Add or remove pavers depending on the size of your patio project to work within a budget.

But paver quality is important. Don’t choose cheap pavers for the sake of a larger patio area. Cheap pavers can crack and break.

And good labor is a critical piece to factor into your budget. Find a paver installer who gets good reviews, meets a timeline, and gives affordable prices.

Possible Precipitation

Pavers are available in a variety of materials. But different materials react differently in certain weather conditions.

Brick pavers are a porous material. If you live in a climate where extreme weather is a factor, be aware that brick breaks down in extreme heat and rain.

If major weather is a factor, choose a brick paver with a treatment for the toughest conditions.

Or choose a more weather-resistant material, like concrete pavers or stone pavers. These materials hold up better with changing or severe weather.

You’ll also need to seal your stones as a final protection against the elements. Sealing once or twice a year keeps your pavers looking nice for longer.

Pretty Palette

Get creative with your patio stones!

There’s no need for a bland gray or one-color patio. Create a color palette with natural paver colors to complement the exterior color of your home.

Or consider the mood you’re creating in your outdoor oasis. Choose colors that provide a calming feel or a vibrant feel, depending on your preferred look and feel.

Pleasing Patterns

Once you’ve selected your paver colors, plan a pattern for your patio and pathway.

Choose something simple like alternating stone colors. Or get more creative and draw a design to build within a section of one color of pavers.

Don’t limit yourself to rectangular or square-shaped pavers. You’ll find pavers with more or fewer edges to help design an intricate pattern.

Mix up the sizes, too. Add in smaller or larger-sized stones to have some fun.

If you’re not sure where to start on your design, find your inspiration on Pinterest.

And don’t forget: use round pavers to make a path of stepping stones.

Use Patio Pavers for Your Perfect Patio

Patio pavers create a customized patio for your home. After your project is complete, you’ll enjoy a one-of-kind patio.

Pavers increase the value of your home, are resistant to cracking and fading, and install quicker than pouring a concrete patio.

We have more than forty years of experience installing pavers. We’re also ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute) certified. Contact us for a free quote today!