So, you’ve decided to get pavers. You’ve read up and researched a good bit about the paver process. You know what you want, and you also know that it’s best to let the professionals handle the project for you. That’s a win! The next part can be a bit tricky though. The next part is going through the list of paver companies and attempting to choose the right one. It can be a bit overwhelming for the average person to discern which paver company is best among the rest. Well, here are a few things to consider when making your final choice.


  1. Look for a licensed company! This is imperative! A license establishes credibility and quality. You know that a licensed company is the real deal because they’ve gone through the trouble of getting certified for the service they provide. Also, it’s good to note, there are some paver projects in which a license is necessary in order to pull a permit with the city for the project’s completion. No license = unpermitted work = no good.
  2. Look for a company with insurance. You want to find a company that’s insured for workman’s compensation and liability. This is just smart for all parties involved. If the company doing your pavers doesn’t have insurance and one of their laborers gets injured on your property, they could potentially come after you for the medical costs. There’s real danger of your homeowner’s insurance being charged when there’s an uninsured company working on your property. Its just not worth the financial risk.
  3. Look for a paver company that’s established within your community. Preferably one with a store front. Store fronts show that a company is solid, that they aren’t “here today, gone tomorrow”. That’s incredibly important for a job this important. You want to hire a company that you can truly count on to be there years down the road, and really stand behind their product.


We don’t want to brag, but Paver Solutions is licensed, insured, and worthy of your trust. We’ve been around since 2002, making beautiful paver projects and establishing ourselves in our community as a business with talent and integrity. We’re just what you’re looking for! Drop by our office to say hi, stop in to visit our outdoor showroom, or give us a call!