Ever go on a stroll through your neighborhood at night? You pass by all the different houses on your street as you walk by, taking note of their design, their color, their front yard. Notice how the houses that are well lit are more inviting? Somehow, they seem prettier, better maintained, and just homier than the others. That’s because of that lighting!! Landscape lighting does that. It illuminates a house and its walkways in a way that makes it more welcoming, less obscure, and just plain prettier. There’s a reason why everybody’s talking about it these days!

So why do you need it? Well, for starters, outdoor lights improve safety and security. A darkened property can create numerous safety risks for you and your visitors. Unlit stairs can lead to falls, pitch-black paths can hide obstacles that can result in injury, and shadowy driveways can present a driver with difficulty in parking. Installing landscape lighting improves visibility, and that’s a pretty huge thing! IT also helps reduce crime. Well lit homes are a deterrent to thieves and burglars, for obvious reasons,  they don’t want to be spotted. Safety and security all because of some extra light!

Exterior lighting makes an outdoor living space more LIVEABLE. Let’s face it, who wants to come home after a long day and sit on a dark patio? Who wants an evening swim in an unlit pool? Some areas just aren’t functional after dark, and landscape lighting brings functionality back to those spaces. You can install lights into railings, along garden paths, throughout plant-covered arbors, or around firepits. The possibilities are limitless. And the end goal is enjoyment….enjoyment after dark.


Please connect with us if you are interested in landscape or outdoor lighting. We have just recently added lighting to our list of services, and we are eager to share them with our clients!