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Walkways and Patio

Brick pavers give walkways and patios a more custom look. One of the biggest advantages of brick walkway and patio pavers is that if a repair ever becomes necessary, brick pavers are manufactured to be uniform and can therefore easily be replaced without leaving ugly patches or scars. Brick pavers come in a wide variety of colors and shapes that will compliment and enhance the architectural style of any home. Moreover, our talented staff can help you create a variety of designs, further expanding the customization possibilities.

Cleaning and Sealing

Many people ask why it is important to clean and seal their brick paver surfaces. Protection is the main reason. For years people have painted the outside of their home for protection. It is equally important to protect your brick pavers with a brick sealer. There are numerous benefits to having your brick pavers sealed:

  • Brick sealing provides a protective coating over the brick surface. This will help prevent dirt and stains from penetrating the paver and make it easier to perform a brick cleaning in the future.
  • Brick sealer provides protection from the suns destructive UV rays. Sealing helps prevent that dull, bleached-out look that occurs when pavers have not been protected with a brick sealer.
  • Brick Sealing enhances the color of the brick surface. A brick sealer will help bring back the bricks beautiful colors that have dulled over the years.
  • Brick sealer also helps seal in the joint stabilization sand. This helps seal out weeds and ants, while also sealing the joint sand in place, helping to maintain a stable walking surface.

Keep in mind it is important for the pavers to be completely dry before any sealer can be applied. A bi-annual professionally applied brick sealer will provide long lasting protection from the elements and potential spills, while beautifying your brick surface for years to come.  Contact us to schedule your cleaning and sealing needs.

Brick Fire Pits

Having a brick fire pit in your backyard can increase and enhance your entertainment and relaxation opportunities. A brick fire pit can serve a variety of functions, the most popular of which is entertaining. This means a brick fire pit should be designed with groups in mind. As such, a round fire pit is a popular choice because it maximizes the number of people that can sit around it. We will be delighted to help you design your new brick fire pit.

Other Services- Artificial Turf

At Paver Solutions we are always looking for ways to enhance your outdoor living space! We are pleased to announce our in-house professional installation crews are experts on installing artificial grass!  Artificial turf is ideal for walkways, backyards, surrounding pool decks and much more!  Outdoor artificial grass can be installed over almost any surface and our experts would be happy to guide you through the selection process! Our team at Paver Solutions strives to be the best in the business with the highest quality products and customer satisfaction guarantee!  Give us a call today to get a free quote on installation of artificial grass for your home or office!


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