Here are the top 5 reasons why pavers are the best choice for your next outdoor reno project:

If you are considering a renovation on an outdoor space for your home (patio, driveway, walkway, pool deck, etc.), you may be aware of the vast amount of options you have available to you. How does one choose? What’s the best choice? Well, to narrow it down, the most commonly used materials are concrete slabs and brick pavers.

Which is better? Don’t fret any longer, we’ve got that final question answered!

  1.  While a slab of concrete is often cheaper on the front end, the long-term costs of repairs and/or replacements will almost always outweigh the initial savings. Why? Because unlike concrete, small sections of pavers can be removed and replaced easily in case of repairs. Concrete removal and replacement is expensive, requiring special tools and know-how to cut out large sections and repour them.
  2. Pavers have no curing time! They are ready for use upon installation. Lots of waiting and watching with concrete, as it takes a considerable amount of time to cure.
  3. A huge downside with concrete is that over time, it can crack. If the ground flexes or the roots of a tree move, a concrete slab can break apart and become distorted. Pavers rarely get destroyed, and when they do, they are easily replaced (see point 1). They can be lifted out and swapped in for newer pavers very easily. Not to mention, at a much cheaper cost.
  4. Interestingly enough, pavers are rated to be about 4 times as strong as a typical slab of concrete! Thick pavers (60mm+) are rated for vehicular traffic, and can handle tens of thousands of pounds without showing signs of stress.
  5. Last but not least, pavers are just nicer to look at! Because, they come in a wide variety of colors, textures, patterns, and shapes, pavers are generally more visually appealing than a simple concrete slab.

The choice is clear: pavers offer a better value than a simple slab of concrete.