Pools & Patios

Brick Pool Pavers provide a safe pool environment that is less slippery, and has the desirable look of natural stone. Traditional concrete, asphalt and gravel pavements clearly fail in comparison to the beauty, durability and easy maintenance of brick pavers. We offer a wide variety of colors, patterns and shapes that are sure to accommodate your personal style.  Travertine Pavers are also a great choice for your pool deck.  This beautiful natural stone creates the ideal slip-proof surface for pool decks with their porous texture to soak up water and heat. To learn more about travertine pavers visit our blog to get all the facts and insight on this affordable and versatile paver!

Just wanted to commend you and your talented crew for the outstanding job done. We have heard only accolades from those who use the facilities.

Rudi Wanke (Regency West) – Saint Petersburg, FL