Ever heard of Travertine Pavers before? No? That’s ok, most people haven’t. Travertine tile is pretty popular in posh homes, but travertine pavers often get overlooked. It’s a big mistake to underestimate them! Travertine pavers are natural stone pavers made of the same material as the “more popular” tiles, but they’re thicker and meant for the outdoor spaces of a home: pool decks, patios, backyards, driveways…etc. They’re a super reliable and fancy- looking material for homes, but they’re affordable, not to mention, hugely versatile.

Here are some things you might not know about travertine pavers:

1. For as “posh” as travertine comes across at first glance, it’s actually not as expensive as it looks. Affordability is a big bonus when it comes to these types of pavers because they are huge bargain, as natural stones tend to be easier to come by. Lots of “bang for your buck” when you invest in travertine; they look high end for a fraction of the price you’d expect them to cost AND they hold up extremely well. They maintain their beauty for years and years. That’s a steal of a deal, no?

2. Versatility is a big plus in the travertine category. These pavers come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, so customers can tailor their pavers to fit the aesthetics of their particular homes. Travertine can come in colors like ivory, gold, and walnut as well as finishes that range from smooth to porous… varieties that help each customer match the pavers they select to their current outdoor decor and needs.

3. Installing a paver that requires extra care is a total bummer. No one wants that. That’s another reason why travertine is a great paver pick, it’s incredibly easy to maintain. These stones are strong, durable and resistant to discoloration. Not to mention, they don’t allow for debris collection! Cool right? These factors make it so that all you have to do to upkeep travertine is give it gentle rinse it with a hose from time to time. Not too shabby!

4. One of the best features of travertine pavers is how porous it is. This natural stone is embedded with tiny holes that soak up water, and create the perfect surface for a pool deck. Not only does water not pool on these porous pavers, but their rough surface creates a pool patio that is essentially slip-proof. They increase the safety in pool areas AND they only get more rough as they get more wet. Perfect for pool owners, especially families with small children.

5. Did you know that travertine pavers absorb the coolness of the earth beneath them instead of the hot sun overhead? It’s true! Typically, pavers in Florida get incredibly warm to the touch in hot temperatures because of either color or material, but not so with travertine! Theses pavers keep cool even on the hottest of days, which makes them the perfect pavers for a surface where homeowners like to walk barefoot.

Travertine is a beautiful material. It looks like a million bucks. It’s clean-looking, light-colored, and goes well visually against the turquoise hues of a pool. Although, these facts are true, they are not the only reasons to give travertine pavers a second look. They are affordable, versatile, manageable, perfectly porous, and temperature controlled. Absolutely, a BIG bang for your buck! Contact Paver Solutions to upgrade your outdoor space with beautiful travertine pavers today!