You’ve seen one paver, you’ve seen them all, right? Well, not exactly! Not all pavers are created the same. They don’t all look the same or have the same qualities. With pavers, you’ve got options: concrete, shell pavers, clay, etc.  Today’s post will focus on clay pavers to illustrate what makes them unique.

Solid clay pavers bricks are hard-fired in computer-controlled kilns at high temperatures to fuse the clay particles for maximum strength. This creates a paver that is rich in natural-looking tones that is basically impervious to the sun’s radiation and therefore resistant to color fading. Clay pavers are also stain resistant. They ALSO don’t have to be sealed like concrete pavers. As a result, they require little to no maintenance. And to top all of that, they are environmentally friendly because they can be recycled.

And to be honest, that’s not even the greatest part of clay pavers. What makes clay pavers even more amazing is the fact that they are the hardest paving surface out there. Talk about durability! Clay pavers don’t just last for years, they last for generations! It’s why they’ve been used to pave streets for hundreds of years. Also, because of that durability, clay pavers have a timeless look that only gets more beautiful with a bit of weathering. In fact, that weathering creates the rustic-chic look that is so trendy right now!

To say that clay pavers are a fantastic product would be an understatement. They are amazing! Absolutely worth the investment! Call us to learn more about clay pavers and how you can get some for your home!