What Are Shell Pavers?

Are all pavers created equal? The answer is no! The differences may come in the way in which they are made, or in the material used to manufacture them, in the shape, or even the color. Pavers come in all sorts of varieties, which is an excellent thing for the consumer! Consumers have options! One of the most exciting options on the market right now are shell pavers.

The shell paver is a pretty cool alternative to the traditional concrete brick paver look. It’s as if Mother Earth sprinkled normal looking pavers with beautiful shells and coquina. Shell pavers are totally Florida! Each piece is made to precision with the highest quality of technological machinery to create an elegant but beachy look. Every brick has a slight variation of shade color AND shell color, which only adds to the paver’s natural aesthetic. It looks like it was carved out of Florida rock, which is perfect for the area in which we live!

Pavers are not all created equal, and shell pavers are a wonderful option for your next paver project! Check out the manufacturer’s listed below for some great shell paver options!