So, you’ve made the decision to get pavers installed, and while you are excited about your order, you don’t really know what to expect on installation day. No worries, we’ve got you covered! Here are 4 things to expect when Paver Solutions comes in to install your pavers:

  1. It’s better if you’re there. Often there are things that come up (see #2 below) and design decisions that we don’t want to make for you. Let us schedule your installation for a convenient day so you can be available to make sure we get everything exactly as you want it.
  2. We may find some things we weren’t expecting. Remember that we’re digging “blind” as we usually have no idea what’s under the ground until we begin excavating. Therefore, we’re not really sure what we’ll find. Normally it’s simple things like tree roots, irrigation lines, and sometimes utilities that weren’t marked or were buried too shallow. Those things are usually easy to fix and don’t typically cause major delays. However, if we find something else that is a bigger problem, it’s best that you’re there so we can put our head’s together and figure out the best way to proceed.
  3. It can get a bit messy. For the duration of the project, your property will be a working construction site. Thousands of pounds dirt, concrete, sand, and pavers will be moved in and out of the jobsite, sometimes using very heavy equipment. It’s important that you take care around the site as there are some potential hazards there. It’s also a good idea to alert your neighbors that you’re getting new pavers installed, and unfortunately there will be some dust and noise throughout the process.
  4. Don’t worry! We’re professionals and we do this every day. Our installers are true artisans, having laid millions of pavers in their careers. The process may look a bit rough, but the beautiful result will be worth it. If there are any issues, we’ll be sure to alert you right away before continuing. We hate surprises more than you do, so we do our best to keep you informed through the process to make sure nothing pops up that you weren’t expecting.

At the end of the project, you’ll have a beautiful new outdoor space that will last for years and years to come, and all the time, money and effort will be totally worth it. Since 2002 we’ve been installing beautiful projects and have thousands of happy customers to show for it. We can’t wait to add you to the list!