We love before and after pictures. Let’s face it, we do. They are the easiest form of click bait! Whether it’s marketing for a new weight loss shake, or an interior design remodel, or a paver surface, we’re easily hooked by the side by side pictures of a drastic change! If we’re honest, it’s because we love a good story. We, as an audience, love to be “told a story” about how bad, or gross, or undeveloped something used to be and how that same “something” was changed for the better with the help of an expert. In all honesty, there are times when before and after pictures are misleading or even falsified using angles, lighting and/or filters. BUT, most of the time they are visual evidence of a true transformation. A transformation that came about because of a lot of hard work, expertise, and incredible effort. Those are the before and after images that really inspire.

When it comes to paver work, before and after pictures tend to be commonplace because of the nature of the work, but they never cease to inspire. Mainly because they showcase how a space that’s been neglected can be renewed and repurposed. They remind both the customer and the installer just how monumental a clean and seal can be to a dirty and stained driveway. Before and after pictures tell a story to the customer about a space that been restored to its former glory, or one that’s been elevated to something newer and better. And that same story can encourage that customer to dream about the ways that pavers can improve the spaces in or around their own homes.

And that’s the point. Before and after’s are meant to inspire, to motivate, to stimulate. They are meant to spur you into action so that you don’t waste one more second wondering “what if”.   We at Paver Solutions use them to show how a great company can write a new “story” with you, one about improved outdoor spaces, and renovated paver patios, and clean and shiny paver driveways. Call us today and give us the opportunity to help you write your paver “happily ever AFTER”.